Monday, 18 June 2012

How Spirits Are Transferred

The transference of spiritual baggage can be likened to the spread of a virus, disease or an illness. The infection is passed on from one carrier to another through some form of contact with either the infected person, or the infection itself.  As with physical ailments, many people who are infected with spiritual sicknesses may not even know that they are infected until it’s too late.

It is much easier to contract a spiritual infection than you may think.  In order to understand how spiritual baggage is passed along from one person to another it is very important to understand exactly what spiritual baggage is, and how human beings can be possessed by it. For centuries religion has taught us that sin is an act that is in violation of God’s law. As a result of this line of thinking, many people have been able to exalt themselves above others because they feel that they have fewer sins than the people around them. In truth, the deeds that we commit are not sins in and of themselves, but they are iniquities that are either the by-product of sin, or they can become the gateways into sin. Sin is a spiritual condition in which we forget who we are spiritually, and we fall into the disillusionment that we are nothing more than minds and bodies. This condition is reinforced through thoughts and reasoning that encourage us to live a lifestyle that ignores that ultimate spiritual reality. Despite what we may believe, the majority of the thoughts that we have throughout the day do not originate within us, but they are placed there through external spiritual, or energy based entities, which we have come in contact with at some point. These spirits or energies alter our perception of reality by changing our frequencies and clouding our spiritual atmosphere. Our spiritual atmosphere is the field of energy that surrounds us at all times. Many people refer to it as an aura. This atmosphere contains spiritual messages and instructions that are received from the different types of spirits that surround us. Some of these spirits are called angels, and others they are called demons. The only way to know what spirit is communicating with you is to test it by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the internal knowledge of the Word of God. When you have this Spirit, you can bring every thought into the obedience of the Word of God, or the Spirit of Christ. The human mind is a receptacle of thoughts. The thoughts that we have are given to us to either further the divine will, or follow the will of darkness.  It can be said that we are the managers of thoughts and we will be judged according to what we have chosen to do with the thoughts that we have been given. Never assume that any thought that you have comes from you because it’s a pretty good chance that it didn’t. It was a message that was sent to you by a spiritual entity, or a being of energy.

Because of how important it is that we control what thoughts are introduced to us, it is of the utmost importance that we not pick up the spiritual baggage of others. When we do, we’re inviting other spirits into our atmosphere, and consequently we are giving them access to our minds. . Our spiritual atmospheres are similar to the atmosphere of earth. We rely on the atmosphere to protect us for dangerous and deadly elements that seek to destroy us as a species. Our spiritual atmospheres are designed to protect us from the harmful elements of the second heaven. This is the realm of disembodied spirits that seek to escape their realm and come into ours. They attempt to escape their prison by manipulating the thoughts of human beings into opening portals and spiritual gates through iniquity, sin and witchcraft.  Have you ever noticed that when you are around people long enough, you’ll begin to say the same things that they say, and think about the things that they think about? For example; if you are around a person who always talks about sex, after a while you’ll find yourself having sexual thoughts when you normally wouldn’t. Or when you are around someone who is always angry, you’ll find yourself becoming easily angered. This happens because these people have transferred those spirits or energies over into your spiritual atmosphere. The transference happens from physical contact or verbal communication.   Remember that Jesus said that the words that he spoke were spirit. The same is true for us. If we listen to people talk about something long enough, we will eventually give those words or spirits access to our thinking. After we give these thoughts access to our minds, we will begin to live by them, and as a result we become possessed by them. When people are holding conversations about things that we don’t need to listen to, it is best if we respectfully walk away from the conversation, or recite the words “I won’t receive that” within our minds. It is very beneficial to talk to unwanted thoughts because those thoughts are independent spiritual entities. A mental rebuke works against them. When it comes to physical transferences, the process is a little different. The most common physical transference is lust or sexual desire. If someone is possessed by the spirits of sexual lust, they can transfer that energy to you by simply making physical contact with you. This is more subtle because you don’t know that the spirit has been transferred until hours later. You normally know that it has happened when you find yourself thinking about people or things out of the blue. In some cases you may know it as soon as the baggage has been transferred. The best way to fight this off is through reading psalms. The book of Psalms is a very powerful book because it is focused on spiritual warfare through praising God.

Now that you have this information I hope that it helps you understand how spirits are transferred between people. This is valuable knowledge to have because most people are unaware of how the spirits of darkness operate.  Lies can only be combated with the truth, and only the truth can set you free.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Real Location of Heaven

Over the past few days, I've been digging into my library to re-read some of the material that I have on heaven, hell and the afterlife. Whenever I engage in this type of study, I find myself doing a lot of what people call meditating. I've found that this exercise allows me to not only analyze the information that I've finish reading, but it also allows me to give the information an opportunity to reveal itself to me.

As I was reading some books about angels and spiritual entities, I began to realize that humanity has been getting it wrong when it comes to the issue of heaven and the afterlife. Because I'm a Christian, I find myself using the scriptures of the bible as my point of reference. I do this because it gives me a chance to really test the bible in its presentation and accuracy. As I was meditating on the biblical texts that pointed to the nature of the kingdom of heaven, I began to go back to the teachings of Yeshua on how the kingdom of heaven is within the hearts of men, and not a particular external location. I also began to think about how Yeshua and the apostles would speak to people about how the kingdom of heaven was now, and not at some point in the future. It became apparent to me that it was a common belief among many that humanity has the opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven at the right now point in our lives. But in order for us to do this, we have to understand what the kingdom of heaven really is.

According to the Old Testament prophets, Gods true nature is spirit, and  the heavens are often referred to as the presence of God. From reading more esoteric literature we can find that not only is heaven located in the presence of God, but that very presence IS God Himself. (I only use the masculine "him" when referring to God because it's understood by most people to be the accepted term).  The OT prophets were revered by not only the people of their times and era, but also by Yeshua and the New Testament church. These very prophets are frequently heard mentioning that God "sits on a throne" within His temple, and that His temple is surrounded by what are known as angelic beings. Later on in the New Testament we find that mankind is the actual temple of God, and that there is no place referred to as heaven, other than the hearts of humanity. It is also commonly known that the bible refers to  God as love, and that love is the light of humanity. And if we translate the word angel,  we get the word messenger. So the angelic host that surrounds Gods throne are messengers of the Divine plan. The bible also makes it clear that these messengers often appear as human entities. 

If we place all of this information together, we will see that mankind does not enter into "the kingdom of heaven" until Love, which is God, enters their hearts, or temples. Once an individual becomes filled with love, they are also filled with light. This light represents the absence of ignorance. If love and light are synonymous, then hatred and darkness are as well. To be filled with light means to not only be filled with love, but it also means that you reject the acts of hatred and ignorance such as racism and sexism.  To be filled with light and love is to be filled with God. To be filled with God, is to be in the presence of God, or "in heaven." Once we become filled with the presence of God, or the presence of love, we become messengers of love known as angels. For Yeshua said that "in heaven, we shall neither marry nor be given in marriage, but we shall be like the angels." This is at the core of the biblical message that has been ignored for many years. Humanity can only enter into heaven once we are living our lives under the guidance of love and light. Once we make the decision to follow loves lead, we will be transformed into the angelic host, also known as "the body of Christ".

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spiritual Abuse and Mind Control

Hello to everyone reading this posting today, sorry it's taken me a few days to post another blog entry but I decided to take a few days off. I want to discuss an issue that is somewhat overlooked  by society and that's the issue of spiritual abuse. I've had some experience with this in my life, as I am sure that many others have also.

For many people the spiritual path will lead them into a direction that will cause them to sit under the teaching of someone who appears to have a deep, and thorough understanding of the path to spiritual growth. Often times these people appear to be extremely nice, caring and understanding people, that are able to relate to you on both a spiritual as well as a personal level. These individuals will gain your trust by giving you esoteric understandings of spiritual matters that are designed to spark and hold your interest in not only the teachings, but the teacher as well. They will attempt to maintain a life of secrecy, while giving you the feeling that you are learning something that very few have access to. In many cases, as it was in mine, the teacher will claim to have been taught by another deeply spiritual person, although you will never be given the opportunity to speak to this individual yourself. I was only given a first name, and a state. This is done to add another level of mystery around their own lives in an attempt to keep you interested in everything that they have to say. The individual will also share stories of how hard their training was, and how it was all worth it because of what they learned from it. This is done to give you the "heads-up" that the teaching is going to get just as hard as theirs, but they will always claim that their training was so much more difficult than what they are giving you. This is done to create a permanent position of superiority over you. At this point the individual is attempting to relate spiritual growth to the amount of abuse one is able to take. In essence, they want you to feel that THEY control your spiritual growth, not God. After the student has given enough of their mind over to the teacher, they will start to receive treats or "blessings of obedience" in an attempt to keep you wanting to be under their witchcraft. When ever you raise questions about the things that concern you, they will try to remain calm while telling you that it's your decision to be with them, and that you have the right to leave whenever you want.  But by this time they have done everything but FORCE you to cut off communications with anyone in your life that questioned them. This includes family and close friends. They will paint everyone as "the enemy" and constantly tell you that your family and friends are "bad news." In most cases they will use the same words quite often and repetitive. This is a mind control technique that is designed to control your emotions by speaking one or two phrases to you. In my case the guy would pose the threat of "leaving you behind" or he would say that you were "under judgement." He was teaching that he was hearing God's voice and that the things that he would do and say would come directly from God. He claimed to have the ability to "test" what you were saying to him. This meant that you could tell him that you had to work late, but he was not entitled to believe you until he "asked the Lord" about it. Your word meant nothing. He constantly treated you as a liar, and there was nothing you could say about. There are a variety of other things that these teachers do to control you emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

For many people falling into this trap seems unfathomable, but the truth is that these people are extremely patient with accomplishing their goals of mind control. In my case it took my almost 2 years to fall into it, until I began to see the truth. They will spend years being nice to you and "proving" that they are honest and righteous people. Once they have your trust (they'll know when they have your trust because they have testings that they will give you)  then the mask comes off. For most people it will be too late to get away. I felt the need to write this now because I've recently heard that the person who did this to me is back at it again in another part of the province of British Columbia. I just hope that people will read this before they fall into his trap.        

Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Need to Control the Mind

It's impossible to live our lives without using our minds. It is through the mind that we make all of the rational decisions that are required for survival. It is through the mind that we calculate our funds and manage our finances. And it is through the mind that we keep track of the things that we have to do to manage our households. But without being placed under the control of the inner man, the mind can assume a false identity and attempt to control your body, as well as silence the spirit. This is often accomplished when the mind comes into close relationship with the emotions. If you've ever noticed how thinking about something that has happened in the past can cause you to emotionally re-live that moment, then you understand what I mean. Our minds are tools to be controlled by the inner man of the spirit, just as our bodies are. The Spirit is the captain of the ship, and our minds and bodies are the deckhands. Without controlling the mind, we are subject to experience things such as jealousy, rage, frustration, and impatience. But it is impossible for the spirit to control such a rebellious entity as the mind, if the spirit is weak and frail. It is for this reason that we must strengthen our spirit through reading books of truth, and showing love to those around us. Remember that your spirit needs to fed as often as your body.        


The Second Birth

Having been raised within the bounds of a Southern Baptist household, I often heard about people that were claiming to be born again. The church that I attended growing up only had about 100 or so members, but the congregation was devoted to teaching and keeping the Baptist traditions. All children were baptised at a young age, and we were required to attend Sunday School, and choir rehearsals frequently. We said Easter speeches, and performed in the annual Christmas plays. Every summer we would take a church trip to Panama City Beach Florida, as a way to "reward" us for our good behaviour throughout the year. On the outside, we were talking the talk and walking the walk. But on the inside I couldn't wait to become an adult so I stop doing all of those things that I dreaded doing. I knew how phony the situation was because I recalled going on the summer trips and spending the entire time checking out girls. My brothers, cousins and friends were doing the same. We would see who could get the most phone numbers, and weren't interested in these girls for their minds. Once, on a bus full of "holy" people my cousin was in the back of the bus, making out with his girlfriend. My uncles would often sneak alcohol onto the bus to get their vacation fix, and once, when I was about 10, my uncle gave me my first drink. Debauchery ran amok within our church. There were men and women in the choir that were cheating on their spouses with each other, and pastors were in competition with each other to see he could out preach, and dress each other. For most of my childhood, this was the reality. I can by no means speak for every Baptist church in the South, but I knew this to be the case with everyone that I visited growing up, and there were quite a few.

As I reached adulthood, I attempted to get away from it all by not going to church anymore, but I would still read whatever books I could get my hands on. By the age of 19 I had quite the library. This was about the time that I started partying, drinking, popping pills and smoking marijuana. During all of this, there was still a pull within me that wanted me to get out of that life and focus more on my search for truth. Sure, the parties and the women were filling a small space within me, but it was doing nothing to fill the emptiness that was becoming my soul. I would always try to fight the urge to get back on my path with the reasoning that I had never seen a person who was really born again. Sure, I'd seen people make temporary changes on the outside, but it seemed that nothing happened on the inside. Could this really be what the second birth was - an existence of denying the darkness that was pulling from within?

Several years had passed and then I met a man that introduced me to the idea of reading the works of other faiths and religions. After I discovered this, I consumed some very large literary works within the frame of a year, and I began to see light on an entirely different level. That desire within me to do the works of the flesh, had transformed into a hunger for light and spirit. I couldn't stop myself from reading, even if I wanted to. Several years have passed since then, and I have only grown stronger in my walk, with no desire to turn away. Now my entire being is filled with light to the point where I'm able to not read nearly as much, yet my inner man is bombarded with complex understandings of things that I've never even studied. I'm now guided by an inner light that reveals things to me that are well beyond the five senses or reason. It wasn't until happen to read the book the Power of Now, that I realised that what I had experienced was the real second birth.  


Friday, 27 April 2012

Hello all,

 I'm currently working on my posting for today but I'm running a little bit behind because I'm a bit under the weather. It's still pretty cool in my part of Canada. Just please be patient with me, and I'll get back to my postings pretty soon!

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Good morning everyone! When I log on to this page I try to reflect on the first thing that pops into my mind. Unfortunately, the first thing that came to me this morning was the same thing that was on my mind from last night. I was browsing the web last night in search of some good Christian blogs to read and comment on, and the search was fruitless from my perspective. Having been raised in a household that believed that Jesus had to be seen from the Baptist perspective, I understood what barriers had to be broken in order to witness about light, life and love. It can sometimes be tough to get through to some people who say that they are Christian because some of them feel that it's their sole mission in life to "covert" people, and I don't just mean the people who don't believe in Jesus, I also mean those that don't believe in Jesus the way that they do. Many of the blogs that I found were devoted to "witnessing" and building your ministry. It made me realize how far away from sharing Gods love many of my brothers ans sisters are. Legalism has isolated "Christianity" from those who are seeking a relationship with God. The bible says that God is love, and that Jesus was essentially Love in the Flesh. When I came to understand this, I began to change up my approach to the scriptures as well as other faiths. I left behind my mentality of "How can I convert them?" to "How can I love them?" The world is so void of this love that it's sad. I remember when I began to share my new perspectives with my parents and my dad called me a devil worshipper. I never tried to convert them, only give them an understanding of who I was and where I was coming from. But that experience did not cause me to stop loving them.